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  • Iddo Patt
    Director/ Executive Producer

    Iddo Patt

    After narrowly escaping from Harvard University with a degree in filmmaking, Iddo headed south to Memphis to seek his fortune, Here he fell in with a group of musicians and misfits at world famous Ardent Studios and, working together with a future New York Times best selling author, produced a show about Bar-B-Q that turned into the Discovery Channel series Amazing America with Kevin Nealon.

    Over the next few years Iddo clawed his way back to respectability by taking a job as Broadcast Producer and eventually VP/Head of Broadcast for Thompson & Company Advertising. At Thompson, Iddo and his team won numerous awards and worked with terrific directors including the now-legendary Errol Morris. Iddo never stopped learning and while at Thompson embarked on his own directing career, culminating in a national Addy award and recognition from the New York and London ad festivals. And while honing his skills as a filmmaker, Iddo was also learning the key lesson of commercial-making: it’s all about reaching the audience in a way that’s meaningful to them. And making the creative team look great in the process. But mostly, it’s about being open to the delightful surprises that make the work so much more than any one person could bring to it.

  • Bill “Cutch” McCutcheon
    Media Manipulator

    Cutch has seen it all in over 30 years as a video artist. From the analog days of 1- and 2 – inch tape machines to the latest 21st century compression formats he knows how to make the most of every image. Cutch is our broadcast mastering and DVD authoring specialist. He makes sure the pictures are perfect before anything goes out the door – or up the Internet pipes. At Modern Production Concepts, Cutch has authored DVDs for Eagle Rock Entertainment’s Elton John: Someone Like Me, Come Together: A Celebration of John Lennon’s Life and Music, William Eggleston’s Stranded In Canton, and many others. He also runs our full HD electronic transmission service, delivering HD content to broadcast networks directly from our studio.